"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe."

2 years ago

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The truth is we live in some type of MATRIX Simulation

- A programmed virtual reality

Everything in this world is created & programmed (like a computer) by Number {{Energy}}

- Each Number is connected to and belongs to different {{Energy}} Blockchains (Including words)

{{Energy}} inside this Matrix is essentially "Digitalized" & created & connected to Numbers

Each Number inside this Matrix is attached to a Blockchain and corresponds to a certain type of Number {{Energy}}/(Frequency)

To keep it simple:

- Everything is {{Energy}}

- Numbers are {{Energy}}

- And {{Energy}} = Numbers

And each Number is connected to and belongs to a different Matrix frequency Blockchain

**Different Numbers = Different {{Energy}}**

- Which connects to different Blockchains

- Inside this Matrix,

One of the most important things to understand is that..

"Coincidences do not exist"

- Nothing is random

- Just like what happens in a video game

- Everything you see that occurs inside it

- Happens a certain way because of its programming

When playing a video game you already have an understanding that everything you see is "programmed"

- The same thought should be applied to you and your life & everything that you see around you inside this Matrix

Nothing is ever "Random" inside a computer Simulation

- And nothing is ever random in this world or your life

Everything that happens inside this Matrix, and your life is based on the "programmed Number "Energy" it was created by

Just like a "Sims" Video Game Character. - You are essentially an advanced, computer design

- Created by a code of Numbers

- A programmed character put inside this Matrix


In this Matrix we are all born inside an "Avatar" "computer system

- Which was built. - created by - programmed and put together by our "DNA"

Everything from our Appearances, likes, dislikes, talents, strengths, weaknesses etc.

All of it. Put together and programmed by our D.N.A Computer Code

- Powered by the Matrix, and the time we were born

Elon Musk said:

- "We're probably living in a Simulation"

Well.. I am here to tell you..

- Through many years of observation & personal experiences

- I know, 100% that we are living in some type of Virtual reality

- A Matrix Simulation.

Life happens by the Numbers just like a Computer program

- We all, live & Die by the Numbers

- Find your Numbers & you will find, the Matrix

The question is..

- Are you ready?.


Published 2 years ago