"A Welcome Message" - 22_SAVAGE22

"A Welcome Message" - 22_SAVAGE22

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- And thank you once again for joining me.

Having my very own website gives me the opportunity and freedom for me to be able to expand & share my Knowledge with all of you.

My Goal here is to help wake you up to the Matrix Simulation and the Elite while also building up a strong Matrix Community.

The truth is 98% of people who talk about numbers and the Matrix have to rely on "Gematria" calculators in order for them to be able to "explain" anything.

Listen, Gematria is a great tool to help "wake you up" and open your mind up to how things are connected.

But the problem is it's being abused and promoted by (certain people) who claim everything is "Fake" or "Controlled."

And I am here to tell you it's not only "wrong" but it's a dangerous perception to have.

Thoughts are {{Energy}} inside this Matrix. Imagine the damage that's being done by thousands of people running around with gematria calculators.

All promoting and telling people the Elite CONTROL ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Think about it, This is actually doing more harm than good.

Yes, The Elite do control a lot. And yes, they do plan things by the numbers. But the reason for that is that  is "Numbers are {{Energy}}"
and the Elite are simply using it for their benefit.

Think of {{Energy}} as a River. The Elite are planning and using Numbers that correspond "with the flow" of the River.

I'll be explaining more about that in the future.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good "decoders" out there...

But the main problem is their perception.

If you follow anyone who is telling you that "everything is fake" because the numbers line up in a Gematria Calculator... Realize, these people lack understanding.

For example, take away a Gematria Calculator and what do they have? Nothing...

As most of you have noticed. Very RARELY do I ever need to use a Gematria Calculator.


Because of my understanding that I've developed of the Matrix, I simply do not need to use it.

Gematria Calculators give most people a false "sense" of "understanding.

(An illusion)

But it's not their fault. It's the hundreds of people before them who teach this stuff and tell people the wrong information.

There's a reason why The Elite allows Gematria to be promoted the way it has been:

1. It actually helps makes them stronger

2. They are laughing at you

Please understand. I first started out with Gematria and used to think the same exact way - that "everything" was fake because the numbers lined up too.

But it wasn't until I - STOPPED - That I was able to advance & discover so much more.

Perception is the KEY to higher knowledge.

And that is what I am here to do. Give you the KEY.

The MATRIXOLOGY will become a place full of Knowledge & understanding to help you make sense of everything and take you to THE NEXT LEVEL.

But understand how important it is for me to lay down a solid foundation of information first. Since this is a BRAND NEW Website please have some patients while I build and put out content.

The Fact is most of this stuff has never been taught before.
So I am still learning and figuring out how and what the best way is to do it and get it out.

The Matrix (Simulation) will be the NEXT LEVEL of "Awake" in the future

(Mark my words)

The Truth won't stay hidden for long.

Everyone here is about to be WAY AHEAD of the curve.

Once again,

Thank you all for joining me.

The Matrix {{Awakening}} is just getting started...

Thank you"


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