The MATRIXOLOGY (A True Story)

"There Is No Going Back.."

a year ago

Latest Post "NEON" The Bright (Colors) Of Control & Communism by 22_SAVAGE22 paid

- "2014 I started on my journey for the truth..

- 9 years later I officially discovered that we live in a Simulation.

- #9 is the Number of completion"

"2014: I learned about Gematria & started Decoding Numbers"

"2015: I noticed Numbers happening organically & wanted to figure out why"

"2017: I discovered we live in a Simulation"

"2019: I created a Twitter to start sharing what I had Discovered"

"2023: I officially found.. the Matrix Simulation"

"There is no going back"

- 22_Savage22


Published a year ago